While education and literacy rates in Cambodia have improved considerably in the last decade, access to appropriate facilities and highly trained teachers is still limited, especially in remote rural areas.

The MJP Education Program works with 82 rural teachers in ten primary and secondary schools to improve teaching and school facilities. Since 2006, MJP has been implementing our ‘Child-Friendly School’ program in the Samlout District. We are supporting the coaching and training for teachers and equipping schools and classrooms with teaching materials, furniture and books.

Libraries and literacy

MJP is supporting 8 school libraries and providing books for students and members of the local community to borrow. We are also supporting 2 mobile libraries which visits those in the most remote areas, with the aim of making books and reading accessible to all.

Reading clubs have been established in four schools, which encourage discussion and the sharing of ideas. We have created literacy classes which help young people to develop their Khmer language skills, and provide after-school classes for those who need extra coaching.

Sports and physical fitness

MJP has helped to set-up sports fields in the community and provided equipment and uniforms, as well as training for community coaches to teach new sports and games. We have supported the volleyball teams in attending local competitions and at the provincial level. Like all MJP projects, we encourage equal participation of girls and women.

Shiloh Scholarship

The MJP Youth Empowerment and Special Support program provides assistance to young people in particular need, such as those injured by landmines or orphaned. The Shiloh Scholarship was launched in 2017 and provides financial and practical support for children to continue with their education. We are currently supporting 6 children, including a tetra-amelia girl and 2 boys orphaned by landmines. Bicycles, rice, school materials, and monthly cash are provided to the eligible students. We have identified 4 new scholarship recipients for 2018.

Young Eco-Rangers Club

The MJP Education Coordinator has worked with the Conservation Team to develop the Eco-Ranger clubs in four schools, where 120 pupils learn about forestry and deforestation, wildlife and biodiversity, waste and sanitation. Wherever possible MJP seeks to take an integrated approach to our programs and share knowledge.