MJP works to provide health services to remote and unreachable communities in Samlout. With our partners, we built the Kampong Tuk Health Post in 2007, and the Boeng Run Health Centre in 2009. In 2014, MJP added a fully equipped maternity ward and eye care unit to the Boeng Run Health Centre.

In our 2 healthcare clinics we have 16 healthcare staff that treat on average 11,000 patients a year, in 18 villages, across 3 communes, in a remote area of the western Samlout district. We provide the medical supplies for both clinics, supplement the salaries of the healthcare staff to allow them to work full time and fund a medical doctor to work 3 days per week at the clinics. MJP also supports regular community outreach to remote villages with our mobile clinic.

Happy Family program

Together with the health consultation services, the MJP community outreach health team helps to provide mothers with advice and support on health and wellbeing, such as family planning, pregnancy care, nutrition for baby, and child growth monitoring.

School Sanitation

As part of our health strategy to reduce diseases caused from poor water and sanitation practice, the MJP water and sanitation project has placed water filters in 7 schools and built 2 pump wells for 2 of the schools. More water storages, latrines and washing stations are being developed and added in 2018. The MJP health team has also developed a school-based and community-wide education program to increase awareness of the importance of hygiene, from hand washing to waste disposal.