Our Stories

New sanitation facilities in Samlout schools
Over the last six months we have been working to improve the sanitation facilities in 10 primary and secondary schools in the western Samlout district, Battambang province, constructing new toilet facilities, building new ground wells, and installing hand-pumps and storage tanks to provide clean water for all the students. Speaking about the project, Mr. Hang Seavpheng​, Headmaster of Otateung Primary School said: “Before, my students drank untreated water from the school pond and they often got diarrhoea and missed their classes. Now my students can now access plenty of clean water, as well as toilet facilities.” June 2018
Clearance of unexploded ordinance
We undertake regular mine and unexploded ordinance (UXO) clearance in our areas of operation to help make them safe for the local community. In the photograph the team had identified unexploded ordinance on an old Khmer Rouge road which was used during the conflict. The clearance team worked for a week, clearing an area roughly the size of a football field using the latest detection technology. Our work in this area continues with our local partners. May 2018
Local school nutrition program
MJP recently set-up a pilot school nutrition program to provide 1,378 students in six primary and kindergarten schools with supplementary protein and nutrient snacks. The snacks are provided regularly to the students to help improve their health and wellbeing. The snacks are supplied by a local women’s group and are mostly made from products from the local farms in the Samlout communities. Teachers have already seen improvements in school attendance and concentration levels in the children. We hope to expand this to more schools next year. April 2018
Young eco-rangers get involved in community forestry
45 boys and girls from our young eco-rangers club recently spent a day doing community forestry activities in Samlout. The young rangers put into practice the knowledge they have gained on conserving and protecting the forests. Over 1,000 new seedlings were planted, as the young eco-rangers got their hands dirty and helped with the annual planting season. MJP helps to conserve 11 community forests and 6 tree nurseries, with over 10,000 new seedlings nurtured and planted each year in the Samlout Protected Area. March 2018
New construction in Samlout of MJP Field Office
Six months ago we started construction of the new MJP Field Office Headquarters in Samlout. The new facility will be constructed alongside the newly renovated accommodation and support facilities for the Cambodian Forestry Protection Rangers, who we partner with to protect the area from deforestation and illegal poaching. The new work was blessed by the local monks at the first stage of construction. Feb 2018